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Tag: PCC

Transfer tax: changes in purchase of real properties

As of August 31, 2023, there is no longer a transfer tax (abbreviated as PCC in Polish) on the purchase of a first home on the second-hand housing market. Typically, the transfer tax for civil law transactions is 2 percent of the real property price, and in the case of a sales contract, it is paid by the buyer. This relief now exempts the purchase of a second-hand home from this transfer tax.

Under the new regulations, the acquisition of the following is also exempt from transfer tax:

The ownership of a separate flat

The ownership of a single-family residential building

The cooperative member’s ownership of a residential property, either a flat or a single-family residential building.

These new regulations apply exclusively to individuals who did not previously possess the aforementioned rights, or had a share in these rights that was 50 percent or less, unless it was inherited.

Changes for Investors:

Starting from January 1, 2024, there will be changes for individuals investing in real property. Specifically, the tax rate on a contract for the sale of the sixth flat (or subsequent flats) in the same building(s), or an interest in such a flat, with the same buyer, will be 6 percent. This applies when the buyer:

Acquires at least six flats that are separate real properties in one or more buildings on the same land, subject to VAT, or shares in such flats

Has already purchased at least five such flats or shares in them.

Consequently, the purchase of the sixth flat (and each subsequent one) will incur a double tax – both VAT and a transfer tax of 6 percent.

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